Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dark Electronic Returns - "Just So Crazy!"

Bryn and I are back for another quick jam session. This one is called "Just So Crazy!"


As many are aware, our supplement company has developed and released a new health supplement. "Babyfat Weightloss" is the name and it has received an amazing response. I have personally taken it for the past 3 weeks and lost almost ten pounds (196 lbs. down to 187 lbs.). I feel great and my eating habits have changed significantly. There is nothing else like it.

Here is some of the feedback we have received from people taking it.

Lost Weight
Better sleep
Improved Circulation
Feel More Toned
Lost Inches
Improved Mental Focus
Sustained Energy
Reduced Appetite

More information can be found at

We are giving out samples, feel free to stop by or let us know if you would like to try it.

Happy Birthday Brynlee

Brynlee Celebrated her 7th Birthday this month! She asked to have her birthday party at Taco Amigo on State Street in Pleasant Grove.

Naturally she ordered an Oreo Milkshake and enjoyed an Avatar cake for desert.
Grandma and Grandpa Dean were there along with her cousins and best friends Ariana & Ava Trimble.

Brynlee was very excited about her presents. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYNLEE!


Brynlee, Brooke & I went to see James Cameron's Avatar for a second time tonight (Non-3D Version). We are fans of the film. If you haven't seen it yet and plan to, be sure to see it in RealD 3D. It was quite an experience when we saw it the first time and while it takes a moment adapt to the 3D experience it is well worth it.

Since we first saw the movie Brynlee's Grandma Dot has given her several Avatar action figures, creatures and vehicles. Brynlee and I play Avatar's almost everyday.

Brynlee's Gymnastic Trials

Brynlee had her gymnastics trials yesterday. She performed great and will have two more trials before her first competition. Bryn and I put together a video, she helped with the music selection and insisted I put my name in the credits.