Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My sweet sister Amy is going to get my hair blog more updated and fancy. Soon you will be able to check out the air brush tanning, the fun extensions, and tid bits of hair education. So be on the look out for the updates! YEAH! I am so excited!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Time for a post. Yes without pictures. I still DO NOT know how to look for the pictures on this computer of ours. InTeReStInG! We are BUSY! I am now at the point that I DO want life to SLOW DOWN! Bryn is busy with dance and gymnastics, and most importantly playing with friends. Rick is busy as always with work, working on the computer, working on fixing our dirt bikes, and just being busy. I am busy with work. I just got an airbrush tanning machine. It is awesome. I am loving it, and so are others. So, come on over and get tanned. I am pretty sure that you will love it too. It only takes 5 minutes to be tanned head to toe. YEAH! I think that we are pretty much DONE traveling for the summer. We are wiped out from vacations. Hope you all are enjoying your summer!!