Monday, April 13, 2009


Rick turns 33 today. Here are 33 things that I LOVE about Rick...

1.He is handsome 2.Smart 3.Intelligent 4.Caring 5.Patient 6.Hard Working 7.Gets right to the point 7.Gets the job done right 8.Unique 9.Good dad 10.Fixes my problems 11.Keeps me on my toes 12.Good listener 13.Gives great Advice 14.Gets me to laugh 15.Fixes all my computer problems 16.Makes yummy food 17.Is good at ANYTHING he does 18.Likes to be serious 19.Likes to have fun 20.Planned a neighborhood party for the kids 20.Family comes first 21.Organized 22.Clean 23.Is more proper than me 24.Great at Rock Band 25.Musically inclined 26.Sings very well 27.Puts Bryn and I first 28.Loving 29.Kind hearted 30.Perfectionist 31.Thoughtful 32.A good man 33.Honest