Saturday, January 31, 2009

I haven't blogged for a couple of weeks. So I found the most recent picture that I took. This is Bryn vacuuming our family room. This particular day all Bryn wanted to do was clean. She vacuumed. She cleaned the toilets. She dusted. She swept. And she helped me fold the clothes and put them away. The whole "cleaning" time she would ask again and again "What can I do next?"

Friday, January 23, 2009

Sundance Film Festival

I am desiring to go up to Park City to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the "Sundance Film Festival". I have never been. If any of you have ever been, please throw some idea's my way.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bryn's Shower Wound

This morning Bryn took her first shower all by herself. I proceeded to periodically check in on her. After the fourth time of checking on her and knowing that she had successfully shampooed and conditioned her hair and bathing herself, I took off into my bathroom to get ready for the day. To bring you up-to-date with Bryn, she is very good at entertaining herself and majority rules that she is quite animated when she entertaines herself. While I was in my bathroom, I hear a cry, although I am uncertain if she is playing with her bath dolls and one of them is "injured", but I go to see what she is up too. When I looked into the shower, Bryn is hunched over on the floor of the shower whimpering. I ask her if she is okay and as the seconds are passing by, blood begins to run to the drain and Bryn begins to panic and cry loudly. I grab a towel and wrap her up and begin to ask her to calm down so she can tell me what has happened. As she is working on calming down, behind her tears and sadness, she tell me "I was doing hand-stands in the shower". My silly Bryn LOVES gymnastics. If she sees an opportunity to practice her cartwheels or handstands, she will take it. This Hand-Stands in the shower business came to a quick halt this morning as she has told us she will not be doing them in the shower anymore.

Friday, January 16, 2009


What a fun week Bryn had had turing 6! Monday night she had a little birthday party up at Boondocks. The eventful night was a blast playing in the cove and all of the many video games, yummy pizza, and her "Spiderwick" cake. On her actual birthday, the 14th, she got to eat a donut for breakfast, have treats in school, treats at gymnastics, and got to experience "Walking with the Dinosaurs". In the mix of all the excitement, Bryn had the impression that because it was her birthday, homework did not apply to her. WRONG! Though she had a great birthday this year, she was torn apart about having to do homework. I have really enjoyed watching Bryn get ready to turn 6. She is a delight to be with. She is a bubbly, energetic, giggly girl. I am grateful and lucky that she is such a GREAT girl. Very rarely is she naughty. She makes friends easily, and loves to be with family and friends. She is my little buddy and LOVES to be doing GROWN-UP things like: laundry, dishes, vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, moping, and the cooking. She is a good BIG sister to Zurich our little dog. I feel so blessed to be Bryn's mom and blessed to have her in my life. I LOVE YOU BRYNLEE!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Poor little Zurich hasn't been feeling well. Last Sunday Bryn and I cleaned out Zurich's room to disinfect anything that may be causing him to be sick. On Friday, Bryn and I took Buddy to the vet to get checked out. Come to find out, he is just getting old. Zurich is only 7, but in dog years he is 53. CRAZY! We sure do love our Buddy. Every February he gets put under to get his teeth cleaned. Boy does he HATE it. And boy do we LOVE his fresh clean mouth.

Child Labor...

Over the Chrismas holiday break we recieved a pretty big shipment of Omega-3. On Friday we decided that we had better start getting it done. While Rick and I counted and bottled the pills, Bryn put lids on and stacked them up. Bryn loves to help out and even gets paid!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Do you Freakin' Love this? I woke up earlier than usual to get myself to my dentist appointment. I admit that I was nervous about driving in this crazy snow, but boy do I LOVE the snow. It has literally been snowing non stop for over 24 hours now. I LOVE IT! Needless to say, we have not beat Mindy in snow plowing the drive. Her and Ryan have plowed theirs 5 times, and we have only plowed ours 3. Bryn has had a blast playing in the snow and assisting me in plowing the drive. I am beginning to think that she loves the snow just like me. I have got to download the video tape I got of Zurich diving through the snow. The snow is deep enough to cover his enitre body. Bryn and I bust a gut watching him run like thunder through the snow.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

On New Years day we headed over to the Peaks Arena to enjoy a few hours of ice skating. Bryn has a knack for ice skating. She is a determined young lady. She enjoyed the ice and showing off her moves to Rick and I. After the many laps that she made on the ice, and after arriving home, she deserved her well earned 4.5 hour nap.

New Years Eve

On New Years Eve, we headed over to my sister Amy's house for some PaRtYiNg... A bunch of my Dean cousins and a few friends that I grew up with joined in on the fun night filled with Guitar Hero, the game Curses, lots and LOTS of food, great company, and many memories.