Sunday, September 28, 2008

I have another blog for my salon. I have been inspired by my cute cousin Rachel to get on it and up-date it. The blog address is Go check it out and post any questions or comments that you may have for me concerning your hair.

Can you find the item that does not belong with the group? One busy morning, Rick accidently put the milk with the protein shakes in the lazy suzan instead of in the fridge. I thought this was pretty funny since Rick does not do silly things very often. Nice one babe!

Our friend, Mr.Spider is no longer in our window well. So, cross your fingers that he doesn't show up in your yard. LOL. He literally stayed in the window well for 2 weeks. I got thinking that he might have been someone's pet. Hopefully he made it home to his family.

CRAZY! WILD! HAIR! This is Bryn in the morning!

These are just a few pictures of the weekend. Krishel and I at her Bridal Shower. Dallas and I at the cabins that we stayed in. Notice the Bit-O-Honey I am holding? This candy is almost near extinction. Just an FYI. And then a picture of Krishel at her bachelorette party. Her and I karaoked to Celine Dion. What a fun, fun weekend we had!

I went to Idaho to celebrate my friend Krishel and Jakes wedding. What a great time we all had. The wedding ceremony took place in the Saw Tooth mountains. It was beautiful.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Here is a new friend that Bryn found in our backyard on Thursday. YIKES!
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Here are more pictures of the group enjoying our experience at "This is the Place".
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My sister Ang and her cute family came out for a couple of visits this summer. One of the activities that we, my cousins, aunt, nephews, nieces, parents, sister, and Bryn and I went to was "This is the Place", and a visit to Liberty Park. It was a great day for me b/c I enjoyed being with my loved one's and learned a bit about Brigham Young.
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Bryn started kindergarten this year. This is her first day with her teacher Mrs. Jensen. Bryn is liking school alright. Somedays she is excited to go, and other days she asks me "when am I going to be done?"
Oh boy Bryn, you have many years ahead of yourself sweetheart.
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I finally chopped Brynlee's hair off. A grand total of 12 inches will be sent to Locks of Love.
She is excited about her hair cut, though I must say I miss her long hair. Hair is hair, and it
will grow. I do think that she looks great either way.
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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I have been a BIG time slacker on updating the blog. This entry is short and sweet. Bryn has her first loose tooth. She is so excited!! YEAH BRYN! My next blog entry will be the tooth when it has fallen out!