Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Brooke and her TTR 125

We went and rode motorcycles this weekend. Brooke for the first time rode out on the open dirt. As you can see she picked up on it quite well. Before you know it, she will throw out table tops and superman jumps with ease.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Go BRYN!! This was Brynlee's favorite event up at Park City. Look at her get air!! She loved doing the front and back flips.

Park City

LanDesk had their annual summer party in Park City this year. We were able to go on the Alpine Slides and the Coaster Ride. We had a great time. Thanks LanDesk!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

While Bryn and I were visiting family, Rick bought Bryn a TTR50. Bryn has been a little nervous about riding her bike, so I jumped right on and started riding it a little too much. A couple days later, Rick bought me a TTR 125. Now you know what we will be up to this summer.

This is my sister Angela and me. I feel so lucky to have her in my life. And this other picture is Bryn swimming at our hotel. Another person that I feel so lucky to have in my life.

This is Ari and Bryn, and Great Grandma Dean and Grandpa. My parents, my grandma, and Bryn and I went out to San Josa California for Alayna's baby blessing. It is so nice being in great company and being able to spend time with those that we love and miss!!

San Jose with the Jaramillo's

While we were in California we took a day trip to San Fransisco. Boy was it a cold day!

Baby Alayna

Here is grandma Dot and baby Alayna. She is so precious. She really didn't like anyone holding her except for her mama, and aunt Darlaina.

Bryn feeding Princess Morgan

Grandma and Grandpa took Brynlee to feed a few baby lambs. Bryn's baby lamb was Princess Morgan. Boy was she in heaven even weeks after this experience.

Bryn Graduates Preschool

Brynlee graduate's from Miss Gina's and Miss Julie's preschool. We have had 3 wonderful years with this great group of people! We are going to miss them SO much!!

Another Accident

I got into another car accident. THIS TIME, it was totally my fault. Lucky for me, the girl that I backed into, Marisa, is a really nice girl and is now a friend of mine.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Here is a picture of Rick. I am not even sure how old he is in this picture. Doesn't Bryn look just like her dad? My sister Ang called Brynlee "little Rick" while we were visiting her and the family over the weekend. Alayna's blessing will be my next blog as soon as the pictures are downloaded.