Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Here are pictures of my first and last car accident. I am sad to say that my blue car ended up being totaled. There were 3 people involved in the accident. The passenger in the other vehicle got his face messed up really bad from his airbag. The driver and I walked away.

I am so lucky and grateful that no one was in the car with me, and that I was able to walk away with a goose egg bruise on my hand. Nothing else.

I was a little shooken up and in a zone that day and a few days that followed. I often wonder how the passanger is doing. I called to check in on the injured guy 3 days after the accident. He was under going his 3rd sugery the following day.


Monday, April 28, 2008

I am excited to announce the wedding engagement of a very special friend in my life, Krishel. She got engaged Saturday night on a camping trip, and when she arrived home Monday morning, she phoned me up and shared her happy news with me. She has asked me to be her Maid of Honor. I have never been a Maid of Honor. I am looking forward to this fun experience!! CONGRATULATIONS Krishel and Jake!

Friday, April 25, 2008

How many bowls of cereal can you eat in a sitting? Let me tell you how many bowls of cereals these two ladies combined ate in one sitting....9. Maybe they were hungry? Maybe they were being competative? Or maybe it was just the "Barbie" cereal? Nonetheless, they obviously enjoyed their "cereal" time together. Just look at those smiles...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Brynlee learns to ride

Brynlee's training wheels were removed last Sunday and not even a week later, she has learned to ride without them. Congratulations Bryn!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

This is me with dark hair. Should I go dark again with some blonde hi-lites?
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Here is the most recent picture
of my sister's Amy, Angela, and
I. This was at my cousin Kami's
wedding 2 years ago. It is time
to get an updated picture of us.
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Here I am with my two sister's.
Who do you think is the eldest?
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Check this out! Bryn is flipping the camera off, and check out that face!!
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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

These were my favorite shoes. Key word "WERE". Have you girls and or guys found something that you feel like you gotta have? I found myself in this situation. I have these darn bones on the sides of my BIG toes that cause so much pain depending on the shoes that I wear. Unfortunately these shoes are a pair that I cannot wear because of the emmense pain that bones cause. I would put the shoes on every couple of days and "try" stretching into them. Sadly, I returned these sexy shoes.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Perfect Dark Zero

It is has been Brynlee's desire to cut and color her hair like Joanna Dark from the Xbox 360 game "Perfect Dark Zero". Rick and I are for it, however I am a bit hesitant due to the amount of effort it will take to style her hair everyday. My question to you all is, "Should we grow her hair out through the summer, cut it and send her hair to Locks of Love, or should we just cut it now?" Her hair isn't quite long enough at the moment to donate at this time.

Please vote:

1. Cut her hair into the style pictured above
2. Continue Growing her hair (see below)
3. Give it a little trim

Sunday, April 6, 2008

BUSTED!! I have caught Brynlee redhanded drinking out of the milk carton!! Who has taught her such things? With Rick being her father, how is she getting away with this action you ask? (Does this answer the guilty question as to who she has seen drinking out of the milk carton?"

If you want to get Brynlee giggling, just let her pull funny faces with your face. She loves to do this and will just giggle away at the creations that she sculpts. I get a kick out of it also because her laughter is simply contagious.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Here are the raceday results. Brooke mentioned that the speeds would reach 160+ miles per hour, however the top speed of the day was just over 120. We ran the east side of the miller track so the 160 mile and hour straight away is cut in half. Probably a good thing as my buddy Andy Ruse high sided when someone hit his front tire with their back tire. The crash resulted in some signficant damage to the right side of his bike and a brake fluid leak. (see picture, the video camera was running when he crashed as well). Andy's shoulder was injured slightly, his suit tore open and his arm was scrapped a bit. Despite all of this, he work on his brand new bike to repair it (less than 100 miles on it) and was out on the track later that day.

Andy's wrecked bike
(Dave & Tomaz pictured)

This was a great adventure for me and it was my first time out on a track in full gear. I had not ridden a motorcyle for nearly 10 years before today (unless you count riding one around the block a couple of times), and as the saying goes, "it is like riding a bike." I picked it right back up again.

Rolling back to the pit area

There were a few interesting moments on the track for me as well. I rode too fast into a turn and ran straight into the dirt, rode through, and proceeded back on the track. We got a video of that one too. :0

This is me pretending to be a pro rider, LOL!
Track times were in the 1:56's per lap (2.24 miles) I thought this was pretty fast for a novice like me. :)

Professional riders can run the East Track in the 1:30's.

http://www.millermotorsportspark.com/images/maps/MMPFacilityMap.jpg (east track is on the left side)

Our pit area

Andy, Mike & Rick

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Okay, so here is Rick in his motorcycle get-up. Infact he will be putting this get-up to use for the first time this weekend. Rick purchased a racing bike in October of last year and has not even raced it yet. So, this weekend, he and some buddies from work will be heading up to the Miller Motor Sports Park to race their bikes. I am excited for him to ride and race his bike this weekend. When he first bought the bike I couldn't wait for him to take me for a ride on the bike. So both him and I jump on the bike and take it for a spin in the neighborhood. He didn't dare go faster than 60 mph. After this weekend, I am looking forward to hearing his stories of going 160 + mph.

Oh boy! If my mom saw this picture she would kill me! (Pst! Don't tell her). I am looking pretty silly myself. My mom had a golf tournament earlier on during the day, (this explaines her sunburn). Another time in my life when I am with great company. My mom! I just love her!!

Here we are in Sacramento California at the Rib fest. My first time eating Ribs. This was a fun evert for me b/c we were with Ricks family. I love being with great company and feel so lucky to have the Vasquez's in my life!

Okay. Here I sit at the computer looking at old pictures. Here is a picture of Big Rick, Rick's dad, and baby Brynlee. She is 2 weeks in this picture.

Look! This is Brynlee when she was 7 months old. Can you believe how fast time flies?! This is one of my favorite pictures of her when she was a baby. I miss those days. Those days constisted of me dressing her and being able to do her hair without any complaints. She was such a happy and good natured baby. Kind of like how she is now that she is 5! The only difference is now she is opinionated. I wonder where she gets that from???